British Virgin Islands Itinerary


Brewers Bay has mountains, palm trees, and a horseshoe-shaped bay. The sand is white, the waves are gentle, and the pelicans are out for their next meal!Cane Garden Bay is a little more crowded on average, but easier to get to and beautiful. Tortola’s famed white beaches and crystal-clear water are perfect for lounging and playing in the Sun!

Norman Island

Norman Island is said to have inspired Robert Louis-Stevenson’s Treasure Island. It is a fairy-tale destination of hiking trails, hidden coves, deserted beaches and mysterious waters that enliven the imagination. The most southerly of the British Virgin Islands, this wondrous outpost is a visual and atmospheric delight that will transport you to a land of myths and legends. Hike up to Spyglass Hill for the bird’s eye view, that was used by pirates in days of yore. Snorkel and swim at the Caves of Treasure Point, which are known for tales of buried treasure, and are appreciated even more for spectacular snorkeling adventures, or at The Indians archipelago, the four pinnacles that rise menacingly from the waters next to Norman Island and are on one of the best snorkeling and diving spots in the BVI, full of colorful fish and corals.

 Peter Island

Peter Island is surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Sir Francis Drake Channel. A true British Virgin Islands vacation destination with five powder white sand beaches, luxurious spa, tennis courts, pool, dive shop and world-class dining.

The 10,000 square foot Spa at Peter Island features Ayurvedic treatments to prevent disease, preserve health, and promote longevity.  Massages, body treatments, and facial therapies are all offered within the Spa and extend out to the gardens at Reef Bay Beach.  All around you, in the quietude of this private Eden, there is beauty to behold, majestic vistas painted by the sun and sky, accompanied by the timeless sonata of wind and sea.  Voted “Best BVI Spa”.

Virgin Gorda

Wading through the colorful coves and granite boulders of The Baths in Virgin Gorda is undeniably the most notable experience you can have in the British Virgin Islands. Massive smooth ash gray boulders of varying sizes rise from the sea’s crystalline waters, making a maze for you to wade or swim through. Climbing through the crevices and grottoes of The Baths isn’t terribly intensive, but the granite boulders can be slippery so swim shoes are encouraged. Once you reach Devil’s Bay, the stunning beach clearing at the end of the rocks, you’ll find shallow clear waters perfect for a little snorkeling or sunbathing.

Natural beauty is in abundance and accessed by indigenous plant-lined trails, nature sanctuaries and natural wonders of the protected national parks. Hike to the island’s high point, Gorda Peak, for an awesome panoramic view of the surrounding islands.

Spanish Town is the second-largest town in all the BVI, with a relaxed atmosphere and tons of shopping. Every March is the Fisherman’s Jamboree, a food and fishing festival celebration.

 The Copper Mine is a National Park containing the ruins of an abandoned 19th-century copper factory. Legend has it that copper was discovered on Virgin Gorda.

Red Rock Villa and Spahas a well-trained team of Indian natural doctors, therapists, and yoga teachers to offer some of the best Spa services in the Caribbean.


Anegada is the only coral island in the Virgin Islands’ volcanic chain. It is characterized by its nearly flat elevation, the striking coral reefs that surround it, salt ponds and flamingos, secluded sandy beaches and clear springs bubbling from coral beds.

You can discover Anegada’s history through a maze of stone walls that surround the Main Town’s Settlement, and the Arawak’s ancient conch mounds in the East End.

Trellis Bay

Beef Island boasts beautiful beaches with crystal clear water that provides a perfect background for picture taking with your family and friends.

You can spend some quiet time just wandering along the streets of Trellis Bay. You can do people watching and window shopping. If you are the artsy type, you will enjoy Aragorn Art Studio that features sculptures made of metal and fire, and the art galleries that feature colorful paintings done by local people.

One interesting fact about Beef Island, and Tortola, is that most festivities happen in full moon. Full moon gives an air of mystery and drama to any festivity or event happening on the island.

Guana Island

Within White Bay, there is a set of parallel patch reefs in shallow water, where there are no strong waves or currents, making it perfect for snorkeling! The reefs are home to about 100 tropical reef fishes, waving fan corals, and various species of hard corals.Monkey Point sits at the South end of the Bay, and is another favorite place for a swim!

Jost Van Dyke

The Playground, located between Green Cay and Little Jost, is one of the best and prettiest places to explore and dive in the BVI.  Look for a large formation of pillar coral and a series of huge boulder/pinnacles on the exposed north side. They are covered with marine growth: hard and soft corals, delicate branching hydroid fans, and brightly colored sponges. Overhangs are filled with fish; sweepers, juvenile angelfish, glassy minnows and colorful fairy basslets. Lots of marine life live in the protected areas at the base of some of the boulders. There are little hollows and depressions formed between the boulder and the bedrock. More advance divers can check out Twin Towers,located north of Little Jost. The unusual topography consists of two large monolithic rock formations rising from ninety feet.

“Bubbly Pool” is still a somewhat closely guarded secret of Jost Van Dyke.  This naturally formed tidal pool is located behind jagged cliffs facing the open ocean coming from the North.  When the North swell is up, the unique formation outside the pool breaks incoming waves and the resulting bubbles fill up the pool!The Bubbly Pool is a short hike from the boat ramp at Diamond Cay, through Mangroves and a Wild Sage forest.

Sandy Cay is a nature preserve with the character of an ideal tropical isle. The east side is volcanic, the west side is more coral reef atoll, and in the middle is a wetland area that is occupied by many different species of birds. There are some interesting reefs off Sandy Cay and the wall is loaded with a variety of juvenile fish life and rare Staghorn and Elkhorn Coral.

Sandy Spit is a small island of approximately one acre in size, and is probably the most photographed piece of land in all the BVI’s. It has been the backdrop for many commercials, magazine covers, articles and advertising campaigns. There is a magnificent sloping coral reef and wall, on the South side, that is easily explored by snorkeling!

“The Painkiller” is a full-flavored rum cocktail, originated and perfected at Sandcastle’s Soggy Dollar Bar in the 1970’s,that has become the essence of Caribbean imbibing. This heavenly concoction makes the swim to the Soggy Dollar Bar worth the effort!

Foxy’s Bar is a BVI tradition with a laid-back attitude, good food, plentiful rum drinks and his own microbrewery, the only brew-house in the Virgin Islands. Foxy features four distinct brews that combine the finest grain,malt and hops.  Foxy is a fixture in his own bar and can frequently be found serenading and weaving a tale for his patrons. So, sit back and relax while Foxy sings and tells jokes in a Calypso style that thrills the crowd.

Sample Itinerary

One Net’s crew will meet you at Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport with the owner’s traditional champagne welcome. After settling in aboard One Net, you can enjoy lunch as we cast lines for Norman Island. There, you can take an afternoon hike to Spyglass Hill, snorkel at Treasure Point and The Indians, or lounge in the Sun aboard the boat or on the beach. After dinner aboard, enjoy a tropical cocktail at Pirate’s and an evening walk on the beach.

From Norman Island, we make way for Peter Island. Have lunch aboard or at Deadman’s Beach Bar & Grill. You can have a relaxing day at the spa, or at play, swimming and snorkeling. After dinner aboard, you may want to try a tropical cocktail at the Beach Bar and relax on the beach.

We set a course for Virgin Gorda to take a refreshing swim at The Baths! You can decide to travel with the boat to Gorda Sound, where you have access to an abundance of water toys, or you can explore the island’s history, touring Spanish Town and Copper Mine National Park, or we can arrange a spa for you, before you rejoin One Net in Gorda Sound. You can choose to have dinner aboard before going ashore for a cocktail, or choose to dine ashore as well!

Anegada is our next destination. You can play and relax on the stunning beach, swim or go for a snorkel, look for flamingos at the salt ponds, explore the Settlement and the Arawak conch mounds, have dinner aboard, or try one of Anegada’s famous lobsters and tropical cocktails at The Wonky Dog, Neptune’s Castle, or Cow Wreck Beach Bar & Grill!

Our next stop is Trellis Bay, Tortola. After you enjoy lunch aboard, you can take a leisurely stroll, perusing the galleries and shops, and enjoy the local tropical nightlife!

Morning brings a snorkeling adventure at Guana Island’s White Bay and Monkey Point, then a short boat ride over to Tortola, where you can choose a quiet anchorage, or one with a beach, tropical cocktails, restaurants, and a little island night life!

In Jost Van Dyke, we will anchor off of Diamond Cay. You can snorkel at Sandy Cay and the Playgrounds, or we can arrange a SCUBA adventure for you to the Towers, or you can take the short hike to cool off at Bubbly Pool, then you can relax and play at White Bay’s beach and the Soggy Dollar Bar, followed by an evening spent with the legendary Foxy, eating, drinking, dancing, singing and laughing the night away!

This day brings a close to your adventure, as we take a morning boat ride toward your flight home. The good thing about an adventure ending, is that it makes way for a new one to begin!